This page is dedicated to QSL cards of exclaves. Click the name of the exclave the get information about the exclave in Wikipedia. Click the image to see the exclave in Google Maps.

More information about enclaves and exclaves can be found at these sites:
List of enclaves and exclaves
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite
Enclaves of the world by Rolf Palmberg

Entities marked with an asterisk are separate countries in the radio countries list of the European DX Council (EDXC).

Alaska *
QSL Alaska
Baarle-Hertog (Belgian exclaves)
QSL Baarle-Hertog
Baarle-Nassau (Dutch exclaves)
QSL Baarle-Hertog
Balapara (exclave of India)
QSL Balapara
Büsingen (exclave of Germany) *
QSL Büsingen
Cabinda (exclave of Angola) *
QSL Cabinda
Campione (exclave of Italy) *
QSL Campione
Ceuta (exclave of Spain) *
Dahagram (exclave of Bangladesh)
QSL Dahargram
Kaliningrad (exclave of Russia) *
QSL Kaliningrad
Llívia (exclave of Spain)
QSL Llívia
Melilla (exclave of Spain) *
QSL Melilla
Musandam (exclave of Oman) *
QSL Musandam
Nakhchivan (exclave of Azerbaijan) *
QSL Nakhchivan
Oecusse (exclave of Timor-Leste) *
QSL Oecusse District
Shohimardon (exclave of Uzbekistan)
QSL Shohimardon
Vorukh (exclave of Tajikistan)
QSL Vorukh
West-Berlin (until Oct. 2, 1990) *
QSL West-Berlin
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